Burn Residency is back.


Good news guys! Burn Residency 2017, the biggest Dj competition in the world, just started! Applications are now open for new talented djs.

Now is your chance to prove your skills, to raise from the crowd, to be the next superstar Dj.

Burn Residency gives you a lifetime opportunity. You should not think twice before applying, the competion is high, thousands of djs from all over the world try their luck.


burn residency 2017

A year ago, Lollino, a young dj from Turin who was mixing for the local events, was the winner of Burn Residency.

             What you need to do to apply for the competition:

1.) Upload a mix on your Mixcloud account.

2.) The mix you make must be between 20-45minutes long.

3.) Make sure you get as many votes for your mix as  you can from your followers.

4.) Promote yourself  and your mix on the  social media accounts(instagram, facebook, twitter).

The applications for Burn Residency start today and you have time to do it until the first of April. Hurry up, the earlier you apply, the more votes you can have.

You can be the winner of 100.000 euro invested in your dj career.

You can apply here.

Last year I wrote a post where I gave you a few usefull tips and tricks about the Burn Residency in order to know what to expect from the competition if you are one of the finalists.

You can find the article here.

Check out the Burn Residency page for more information.

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