C&A Spring Summer SS17

New Beginnings
Spring/Summer 2017 by C&A is a story of the world, inspired by the marrying of global trends and local style. Looks promote consciousness, revitalizing traditional forms of craftsmanship with a modern sensibility. An exploration of prints, patterns, textures and colours, it’s a collection for everyone, everywhere.

This season, Clockhouse goes experimental with an eclectic collection designed to be mix and matched. Spring/Summer 2017 is a mishmash of influences, allowing Clockhouse Girls and Boys the freedom to express their individual style in unique ways.
A culture clash of military, handcrafted,
rock ‘n’ roll and ethnic inspired pieces, made from fabrics ranging from lightweight velvet, satin and knitted tulle, to lace and crochet, and detailing in cluding embroidered patches, slogan statements and sequin embellishments, there is something for the
whole squad this summer.

C&A SPRING SUMMER 2017 dsc05475 dsc05477 dsc05503 dsc05509

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