C&A Autumn/Winter Collection 2016

Embrace Nature’s Elements

Inspired by the ide that nature should be a part of everyday life, the Autumn /Winter 2016 Collection by C&A uses textures and delicate feminine detailing to create beautiful pieces to wrap up warm in.

The color directions is market by the changing seasons; autumnal tones shift to icy pastels with later deliveries in dark and dramatic winter shades.

Returning to nature, C&A uses the great outdoors as inspiration, creating a collection filled with autymnal textures, with rich boucles and felted fabrics taking center stage. Floral maxi skirts add notions of rural romanticism, while high waist bootcut jeans play with proportions. A palette dominated by warm brown shades intensifies the predominantly earthy aesthetic of the collection.

Here’s a preview of the next C&A collection and my outfit  of the day.DSC01258C&A autumn wintet collection 2016 DSC01263 DSC01271 DSC01285 DSC01340 DSC01341 DSC01349 DSC01357

image image colectia toamna iarna C&A

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