New Year’s Eve 2015 with Deborah de Luca and Alex Kennon


Se apropie cu pasi  repezi sfarsitul anului si cum altfel sa incheiem anul decat cu un party pe masura 🙂 .Blackout aduce de Anul Nou pe Deborah de Luca & Alex Kennon, care sunt deja obisnuiti cu petrecerile underground din Romania.Evenimentul va avea loc in Timisoara si va incepe de la orele 22.00 pm panaaaa in 2015:)

Daca nu ti-ai facut  deja planuri de revelion, atunci cei de la Blackout  te asteapta  in Timisoara sa ”rupem tenesii” pana la rasaritul soarelui 🙂




While celebrating the closing of one chapter and the start of a new one, Blackout assures to put out an incredible show withDeborah De Luca & Alex Kennon , who are already familiar with the Romanian inheritance of underground parties.

Two of this year’s most outstanding performances in our country’s realms, have been announced to join our New Year’s Eve Blackout that will take place in Timisoara.

Deborah De Luca brings to our scene a bit of an aggressive approach, mainly because she enjoys mixing hard and rough sounds that complete the techno sphere. Her talent is what launched her music on various labels such as Sola_mente, Lovenest Records, Fahrenheit and LR2.

Alex Kennon, the Spanish tech-house touch that is required for a successful evening. His music captures a special style, having his songs never flat and always full of new grooves. His tracks have been signed to various labels such as:
Snatch! off récords, Bondage Music , Wound music and many more.

The memory of Alex Kennon’s last time in Timisoara is still fresh and more than that, the event turned into a huge success, thus evacuating the premises at 8:00 am.

It’s not the typical New Year’s Eve party, you see… Blackout is relying on a friendship that Timisoara has with electronic music and wants to offer an alternative to all mainstream parties that will take place that same day.

Source : AllTimeClubbing 

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