My week in London

dfdfd dfgdfg dfgdgd dfghfdh dfsdfsd dfsfdsf dsfdsf dsfsf fdgdfg fdgfg fdsfdsf fdsfdsfdf fdsfsd fdsfsdf fgdfg fgdg fgfdgdf fgfdgfd fgfg frrr fsdfdf fsdfds gfdgd gfdgfd gfjhgj hbhmbv hhh frdddddddddddIn this photos you will see  some of the most crowded places in London like the Oxford Street, Regent Street, Picadilly Circus ,Trafalgar Square and so on .The first impression I had when I arrived in London was that walking on Oxford street is very hard. I’ve never seen so many people walking on the sidewalk  even when it was such a bad weather ,I guess people  are used to it, but me it was a big challenge.

I thought I will  see lot of british people walking around, but I was very surprised to notice that they were all kind of nationalities, a real interesting mix.

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