London Fashion Week day 1

fdgfd fgdfg fgfd fgfgI never thought I will  attend the Fashion Week event. I was fascinated  watching the fashion shows at tv ,wondering how would  it be like to go there ….and here I am ! I will tell you more about how it was like in this post .It was a rainy ,windy day … a normal thing  for London …I thought … hmm what could I wear to be fashion and feel warm in the same time ?!So I told myself: hey, fashion is not about comfort is about style!

When I arrived at the Somerset House where  the shows were held , I was surprised to see that most of the girls were dressed in spring-summer clothes .It was very strange to see all those people trying to get the photographers attention wearing some outfits that I found absolutely ridiculous…I will tell you more about it in the next posts.

I looked around waiting for the well dressed people, but nothing, I guess I missed them or something. I am wearing in this post a masculine outfit  that I usually wear, nothing extravagant, just trying to be me. I hope you like it !

I was wearing:

Zara blazer ,sweather

Massimo dutti shirt

Levi’s jeans

Reserved hat

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